The FDI enabled its fashion students to spend a day with Vivienne Westwood

The Fashion Design Institute Düsseldorf organized a day in London dedicated to the famous and recently deceased fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

Change in the footsteps of the British punk designer

Vivienne Westwood - the "Queen of Punk". She was one of the most important fashion designers of the last century and is considered the inventor of punk fashion. She stood like no other for shrill, avant-garde designs and is a real role model for many who are passionate about fashion design or study fashion. Vivienne understood like hardly anyone else how to combine different style elements and fabrics into very individual designer pieces. She loved provocation and always managed to stand out. Her collections with eccentric combinations of historical patterns, rare fabrics and colorful patterns thrilled the fashion world. She loved tartans, high-quality wool fabrics and English tweed, which she used again and again in her designs. With a dash of irony, criticism of the times and extravagance, Vivienne Westwood always managed to inspire women to be original and bold in their wardrobe choices.

The Fashion Design Institute visited Vivienne Westwood's places of work

Vivienne Westwood was not only a gifted designer and style icon, but also politically committed to more sustainability and climate protection. Sustainability is also very important to the students of the Fashion Design Institute Düsseldorf, so many of them took part in the excursion to London. The destination was Vivienne Westwood's numerous places of activity: First, they went to her boutique "SEX", today "World's End", where she offered her unconventional fashion for sale and where today Westwood's fashion pieces from earlier collections are archived and exhibited.

A visit to the marketing department of the Vivienne Westwood brand was then on the agenda. Here, the students, who are training at the Fashion Design Institute Düsseldorf, had talks with employees of the department. Vivienne Westwood was not only a real style icon for all those who want to study fashion, but also very successful in business. This gave the FDI students the chance to take home many valuable tips and knowledge about the successful marketing of fashion they had created themselves. Not unimportant for the later promotion of their own collections!

The highlight - a visit to Vivienne Westwood's haute couture atelier

Vivienne Westwood has remained on the pulse of time to this day and also enjoys great popularity in haute couture with her unconventional, shrill designs. For this reason, the Fashion Design Institute Düsseldorf had organized a visit to the atelier for all fellow students. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to get to know the latest trends of style icon Westwood and to pick up creative food for thought. At the same time, they gained an insight into the art of tailoring and the work processes in the fashion studio.