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International Fashion Studies Fashion Design and more …

Your future opportunity

for all fashion lovers who are interested in an international career in fashion business! The state-approved Fashion Design Institute offers you the following at the highest level in Düsseldorf: Fashion Design, Fashion Journalism and Fashion Management / Marketing. All this can be achieved without a high school diploma. Apply here

Many of our graduates are already very successful in the fashion industry due to their extremely versatile study. This standard is also confirmed by “The Business of Fashion”, which ranked the Fashion Design Institut Jahr once again the best fashion school in Germany!

Fashion is much more than just being able to create.

Fashion is a complex process that requires communication, sustainability, staging, marketing and much more. Our degree programs prepare all current students for a great career in the fashion business. This opens up many job opportunities on an international level! Whether it’s Giambattista Valli Paris, Roberto Cavalli Milan, Marchesa NY, Peter Pilotto London, Victor & Rolf Amsterdam, Balmain Paris, everywhere our students feel well prepared and indispensable.

Through established instructors and the artistic atmosphere in our bright rooms you will experience how our students live their creativity day by day and develop their own style. You will be amazed, how many opportunities we will offer you in the international fashion industry! Whether you want to develop your own collection or publish your own fashion magazine, everything will be possible!

Berlin, Paris, Mailand, London, New York

wherever you want to work later, our internationally oriented fashion study prepares you for the fashion industry with a lot of knowledge and important experiences. You will feel yourself excellent prepared and competitive in every country and every city! In order to understand the fashion industry, we offer you a wide network of

international and world-famous contacts within the Fashion-Design-Institute! Big players like Santo Versace and the head of the Haute Couture Atelier of Chanel visited us at the institute and gave our students a lot of useful insider knowledge. Our visits to well-known studios and shows, such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood or Fendi, let our students be up close and personal with the big brands!

We support your dreams.

Please not be shy to show us your work and drawings during a job interview! Many of our students were not able to draw well before their studies, but our experienced instructors awake a lot of your hidden talents! We are here to help you with your personal development!

Since we have different degree programs, such as Fashion Design, Fashion Journalism and Fashion Management / Marketing, you have the opportunity to work with these students. You can also change the degree program if necessary.

What do we expect from you?

Of course diligence, the love of fashion, imagination, the desire to develop and, above all, fun! Because in addition to learning and preparing for the fashion world, fun is important to is! The exchange with other students will show you that the Fashion Design Institute is the perfect fashion family for all fashion lovers!