Fashion Marketing or Management Bachelor (BA Professional)

Parisian chic and German thoroughness

Am international orientierten Fashion Design Institut erhältst Du eine hochprofessionelle und in der Modebranche umfassend anerkannte Ausbildung.
Im Nachgang eröffnet sich Dir an einer französischen Modeschule die Möglichkeit, zwei Abschlüsse zu erreichen.

The Fashion Design Institute awards you the institute's own diploma after successful completion of the training. With this diploma you are already excellently positioned in the fashion industry and all doors are open to you.

In addition, we can arrange for you to earn one of the following French Bachelor Professional degrees in just three months at the acclaimed Paris Fashion School EIDM:

- Bachelor Fashion Communication & Marketing

- Bachelor Fashion Art Direction & Styling

- Bachelor Management du Luxe

Our graduates are fashion students there with preference due to the excellent training at the FDI.

Zwei renommierte Abschlüsse. Mode Studium auch ohne Abitur möglich

So you can get two top-notch, prestigious degrees in almost the same amount of time, even without a high school diploma.

The Fashion Design Institute supports you on your way to becoming a French Bachelor Professional. The training takes place in two phases. The first phase takes place at the Fashion Design Institute and leads you to the institute's own diploma. The second phase takes place independently of the Fashion Design Institute at the French fashion school EIDM.

During the first phase at FDI you will learn to develop your creativity in drawings, cuts and your own collections. You will be guided and supported by highly qualified instructors along the way to make your dream come true.

Everyone experiences a great development and gets the opportunity to realize their full potential! After this highly professional FDI degree in "International Fashion Designer" you will have the opportunity to apply to the EIDM in Paris immediately with your degree.

The second phase then takes place at the EIDM in Paris and you have the unique opportunity to achieve a bachelor's degree from this French fashion school within three months in the fashion capital of Paris. This degree is not awarded by the FDI, but takes place entirely at the EIDM in Paris. All the required exams to obtain the French Bachelor Professional are taken there.

Die zweite Phase kann auch an der Ferrari Fashion School in Mailand gemacht werden. Die Dauer des dortigen Bachelor of Arts Studium wird durch die Universität individuell geprüft.


I. Phase FDI Diploma 

1st year: 440 Euro per month
2. Year: 460 Euro per month
3. Year: 480 Euro per month

  • NO-Eu citizens 6000 euros per year
  • Chinese / Japanese / American citizens 7000 euros per year

II. phase (Paris) Bachelor Professional

one-off payment of 4,500 euros to partner school EIDM

II. phase (Milan) Bachelor 

depending on the external examination



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