This course is the only way to your special style

Create your unique look, boost your self-confidence and help nature in the process

The course "Your personal stylist" is for those who do not necessarily want to work in fashion, but still want to dress themselves better. You will learn to develop your own style and personality so that no other girl will have it.

With us you will find exactly the style that fits your life and your individuality. You will realize that you are much more attractive than you think you are and all this in only three workshop days.


FOR WHO: - if you want to learn how to develop your own style

Your closet is full of clothes, but still you can not decide what you like? You often just buy unconsciously and then the things do not match what is already available in

in your wardrobe or just don't sit well with you? The colors do not suit you and are difficult to combine with your current clothes? That's why you usually wear the same things.

- if you suffer from self-doubt

You are unhappy with your appearance and want to show off your personality more,

but do not know how to do it

- if you want to help our environment and be more conscious with clothes

You know that too many things are not good for our nature, but still wish to look good.

But you lack the knowledge of how to create both together

- if your reflection is not the way you want it to be

You don't understand what's trending right now and how it can fit you.

Do you hardly try to look closely at yourself in the mirror to analyze your look?


WHAT DO YOU GET: - the self-doubt about yourself and your appearance disappear

You become more self-confident and manage to understand yourself better by

you use your new stylistic knowledge

- your personal style develops

Styling yourself becomes an enjoyable activity for you without the problem of "I don't know what to wear".

After that you will know which style suits you, your wishes and your lifestyle.

- with few purchases, achieve better appearance

You will be exactly as you want and understand how to identify and implement trends. How to choose your clothes that can then be worn by you for a long time.

With all this knowledge, you won't need so many clothes in your closet. This way you help nature and your wallet.

- your reflection brings you joy again

Now you know yourself, your style, your desires. All this creates in you

a special look that will be the envy of your friends


This course consists of three days. The knowledge you get here will help you for a lifetime.

Because it remains relevant even after five, ten or fifteen years

1st course - COLORS

You learn everything you need to know about single colors, combinations and tints. Based on the color types and other types, you understand what type you are. After this class you will know how to find colors for yourself, how to combine them correctly and what to wear with them.


Your knowledge will be how to use the colors in your closet.

You understand all the rules, but even better how to break those rules to create your own personal touch.

When: 20.11.2021

Cost: €150


After this course, you will know which clothes suit you and which ones you should stay away from.

What fabrics to buy to conceal your problem areas and better present others. Here you will learn how to choose fits for each figure and how to work with them.

The secret techniques of visual correction will be explained to you. You will know exactly what to buy for yourself.

When: to be announced

Cost: €150

(only possible after attending course 1)

3rd course - WHO YOU ARE

Here you will understand who you are and how to create a perfect closet,what are the basics of the basic closet for you. On this day you will learn whata capsule is, what types there are specifically for you too, what clothing and work scheme suits your closet. After that you will be aware of what things must be in your wardrobe.

but also what no longer suits you. How do you recognize clothes that you can wear at least 10 years in distinction to micro trends that serve you only one season. Total look or how to wear everyday clothes stylish.

When: to be announced

Cost: €150

(only possible after visiting course 1 and 2)

Graduation: Certificate