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B.A. Fashion Marketing/Management

Become successful

and study Fashion Marketing / Management. One of the most important prerequisites to succeed in the fashion and luxury world. is the passion for this world. This will help you in studying for Fashion Marketing / Management Manager with the experts

big companies together to be successful and flexible. Of course, practical exercises and well-founded theoretical foundations are just as much a part of your studies as they are the acquisition of contacts and the exchange with the decisions of companies. Apply here

Experience a varied work

because the fashion world is constantly changing and you can master all obstacles with your knowledge, which you acquire from us. You directly acquire competences in two areas of the fashion industry, which always cooperate with each other to make a company successful

In the internship and the final semester you will already be a problem solver of entrepreneurs and thus a promising candidate for various posts in the management levels of companies.

Cause of education in numbers

six semesters with Diplom graduation

1. year: 440 Euro per month
2. year: 460 Euro per month
3. year: 480 Euro per month

and one-time 4000 Euro for the Bachelor of the Cooperation University

  • Chinese nationals please contact our Office

eight semesters with Master graduation

750 Euro per month

Start of the course

winter semester 01. October

(German and english)