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BA. Fashion Communication- & Grafik Design

BA. Fashion Communication- & Grafik Design

Goal of the study is to be successful with the profession of communication designer in today’s time. For this you need to be heavily connected to the digital media. The design is no longer dependent solely on classical and analogue methods, but also on dealing with digitality.

While digital and social media exercise their power over politics, economics and culture, creative communication strategieson the Internet should not be overlooked.

The course B.A. Fashion Communication & Grafik Design offers a comprehensive program from the basics of classical and analogue communication methods to the digitization of the current media.

The Bachelor of Arts “Fashion Communication- & Grafik Design” is awarded by one of our co-operation schools after completion of the respective education at the Fashion Design Institute.

Communication as design process


The content of this course of studies ranges from experimental typography, photography with hole camera and classic printing as well as editorial design techniques through interactive layout designs for apps and social media, design and programming of an effective website, to the handling of 3D printing, 3D Image presentation and animation.

In addition to the practical subjects, students are taught the theory in design, art and media, and writing scientific work.

In order to connect the study with practice work we are going to discuss all the processes of advertising agencies. It is important to consider all processes from the order through the conception, the design, the implementation up to the presentation.

The goal after completion of the studies is to give the students the perspective on a position as an Art Director in an advertising agency or the possibility of self-employment.

Facts and figures

seven semesters with Diplom graduation

1. year: 440 Euro per month
2. year: 460 Euro per month
3. year: 480 Euro per month

and one-time 4000 Euro for the Bachelor of the Cooperation University

  • NO-Eu-Members 6000 Euro per year
  • Chinese / Japanese / American Members 7000 Euro per year

nine semesters with Master graduation

750 Euro per month


Course language: German / English

Morocco / Oujda
Course language: French