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Summer camp / Fashion camp

Are you between 13 and 20 years old?

Would you like to do something creative in your holidays?

Do you want an insight into the world of art and fashion?

Then come to us and visit our summer camp!

Dates: 29. June 2020 – 10. July 2020
Cost: 400 euros

Apply here

We offer the following courses

1. Fashion Design:

Is it your dream to work in the fashion business one day?

Do you want to learn how you can transform your creative ideas into fashion? Can you imagine calling yourself a ‘fashion designer’ in a few years?

In this course you will learn how a piece of clothing is developed – not just in theory, but after only two weeks you will have designed and sewn your own garment.

You will also learn how many different steps are required: from the initial concept, to cutting and sewing, right through to completion. You will receive insights into fashion drawing, drapery and cutting techniques.

Come to us and enjoy learning!

2. Styling / Street-style:


Do you know this feeling?

Your wardrobe is full of clothes and you still don’t have anything to wear.

Here you’ll learn how to combine your clothes to create new fashions, analyse trends, and make your outfits more interesting with a few simple tricks. Colour and trend analysis – an important aspect in styling – is also covered in the course.

Street Styling:

When you see people in the street wearing innovative and stunning fashion combinations (irrespective of their age), do you think “wow“?  Are you interested in taking photos and finding out what fashion means to different people? Then come and join this course. Here you will learn the key aspects of street photography, and how to identify and analyse street fashion trends.

3. Abstract art:

If you sometimes wish you could create artistic pieces for yourself -whether for your own room, or perhaps as a personal gift, this course could release your inner talents. It will show you how and where to start, and how to put your creative thoughts into practice.

Take the course and develop your very own work of art!

4. Interior Design:

Is having a cosy room important to you? Do you like to rearrange your furniture and try to give your room a personal touch? Do you enjoy strolling through furniture stores to see new things? Then come to us and attend this course! Here you can upgrade an old piece of furniture, make changes using various techniques, or create something completely different with “Euro-palettes”.